The Artist’s Way Challenge – But Is It The Best For You Tho?

Hello love and welcome back to my space! Yesterday I completed day 80 of The Artists Way Challenge! Part of the day was spent on the road so it was a snacky lunch situation, lol. I’m so glad I brought hella snacks tho because I needed them at the end of the night.

We headed to Alpharetta, Georgia for The Outlaw Music Festival where Willie Nelson was supposed to be the headliner but he was sick so his son filled in for him, all and all it was a great show. However the venue’s vegan options were not it! Although we had an early dinner at True Food Kitchen by the time we got out of the show, we were hungry and those snacks came together and made a cute little meal, lol.

This challenge has me thinking about how often we get into situations where because something (relationship, job, hobby, living situation…) is better than what we had before, we settle into it without realizing it’s not the best for us. I wanted to encourage you to evaluate these situations before getting too comfortable, although it may be better, ask yourself is it the best for you! It is so important to make these evaluations so that you don’t waste your time and energy! Alright, let’s get into these…

Meal Deets:

Post Movement Smoothie:

  • Homemade Cashew Milk
  • Flaxseed
  • Vanilla Protein Powder


  • Cherries
  • A Nutty Mix (Sunflower Seeds, Cashews, Almonds

Dinner- True Food Kitchen

  • Peanut Noodle Salad With Grilled Tempeh
  • Rice And Tofu( I ordered it for my son but it wasn’t to his liking so I ate it, it was delicious 😋)
  • Vegan Cookie and Ice Cream – I would go back to this place for this dessert alone!


  • Fries at the music venue
  • A Nutty Mix (cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds
  • Apple
  • A few cuties

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