Shamelessly Fabulous Friday celebrating Aszure Gardner of Southern Vegan Eats

Hello Beautiful people and welcome to the first episode of Shamelessly Fabulous Friday! Every Friday I will be celebrating one of my favorite content creators! Welcome! This week I’m so excited to celebrate Aszure Gardner also known as @southernveganeats on Instagram! I am so excited that it’s Friday! I went back and forth with whether I wanted to start Shameless Fabulous Friday’s this month with so much going on but then I figured, there would be no better time to start Shamelessly Fabulous Fridays! I wanted a way to celebrate some of my favorite creators! The creators that inspire me and add a little sunshine to my day! This week I will be celebrating Aszure, also known as @southernveganeats ! ⠀
I have been following her vegan journey for at least 2 years and I absolutely love her bright spirit and her amazing food! Anytime I hear one of her videos and starts with ‘hey y’all it’s southern vegan eats here’, I get a big smile on my face! In my opinion she is the definition of light and love! She is the QUEEN of raw vegan challenges and a master gardener!I hope you are as inspired by her as I am!

Aszure enjoying one of her delicious smoothies.
Sunrise Juice Blend

One of the things I love about Aszure is that she is always whipping up delicious juice combinations! This is one of them!

Sunrise Juice Blend

  • 1 pineapple
  • 8 oranges (peeled)
  • 1-2 thumbs of ginger
  • 1 lemon peeled

To make with a juicer: put all ingredients and enjoy!

To make in the blender: Blend all of the ingredients and strain with a nut milk bag and enjoy

Spaghetti Squash Pizza

Spaghetti Squash Pizza

Spaghetti Squash Pizza

1 med spaghetti squash
Pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, garlic powder and dried basil (to taste)
2 tbsp avocado oil
1 ½ cups chunky marinara sauce
2 cups Daiya pepper-jack shreds
4ozs baby bella mushrooms (sliced)
¼ red bell pepper (sliced thin)
¼ green bell pepper (sliced thin)
Basil & red pepper flakes (to taste)

I cut the squash in half lengthwise, seasoned with pink salt, garlic powder, dried basil and black pepper rubbed with avocado oil, placed face down in baking dish. Bake on 350° for about 45 mins.

Remove from oven, use forks to shred the spaghetti squash. Next build each half equally and as you would a pizza. Add the marinara sauce, pepper-jack shreds, baby bella mushrooms, red and green bell peppers, basil and red pepper flakes. Place back in oven on 400° until cheese is melted… enjoy

Get to know Aszure!!!

This quote has stuck with me for many, many years. Anytime I’m feeling the “woe is me’s” coming on, I always think about this quote. Most circumstances that lead me to that feeling are changeable. I don’t pity the man with no feet, I see his strength in an unchangeable situation and it causes me to press pause and reevaluate what I’m going through.

Tell me about your Instagram handle.
Southern Vegan Eats is an expression that gives a little insight to who I am and what you can look forward to seeing when you follow me. Simply put, I’m southern to the core, I am a vegan and here is what I eat. 

How long have you been vegan/plant based and why?
I started my vegan journey in August 2017. It was all about improving my health and the health of my generations to come, one meal at a time. 

What is one thing you wish you knew before going vegan/plant based?
I wish that I knew I could conquer all of my craving and that I could indeed live without cheese! I would have went vegan sooner! 

Are there any foods you avoid? Why?
I limit my intake of processed foods as well as vegan junk food. Most of the health benefits that I have received since going vegan, came from saying no to things that taste good to me but are not good for me. When I think of that it’s makes it easier to eat more whole plant based foods. 

What is one food you cannot live without?
I don’t know that I have just one, but I lover herbs, they make the world go around and they are little nutritionally  packed powerhouses. I also love avocados!

Who inspires you?
I could go one for days on this one! However with out calling too many names, I’m inspired by anyone that is trying to change their families life cycle through eating vegan. If you get down in the vegan kitchen, know that I’m inspired by you. If you say no to taking the life of an innocent animal, to satisfy your palate, you inspire me and if you are growing something, you inspire me! 

What book has made the greatest impact in your life?
I gravitate to books that guide me to a place of peace within, books that speak to my heart and soul. The Bible will always be my number one read. The stories mean something different to me, depending on what life season I’m passing through when I read them. 

What are some simple things that bring you joy?
Gardening, bubble baths and family time. 

What are your favorite self care tips?
Make time for yourself, add you to your already busy schedule. whether it be reading a book, a long walk, a facial or a out in the yard with a. Book and a blanket… pencil yourself in! 

What is something a lot of people don’t know about you?
I went pescatarian from Jan 2010 – Jan 2016. I then went back to eating animals, for a full year 🤦🏾‍♀️ My mom died of a massive heart attack in Dec 2016 at the age of 60. I only wish I had found out about this lifestyle early enough to introduce it to my mom. I knew I needed a changed and I’m so grateful that veganism found me! 

What is one song that can instantly put you in a good mood?
Anything by Aretha Franklin, I especially love to hear Dr. Feelgood

What are your best practices for getting through challenging times?
Pray it out and talk it out. I have friends that I can talk with about anything and they are heaven sent.Getting someone else’s perspective almost always makes me see things differently.  

What are your words to live by, or your motto?
Be who you are and say why you feel because the people that matter don’t mind and the people that mind don’t matter. 

Who do you think would fit into Shamelessly Fabulous Fridays?

Where can we find you? ( Blog, Instagram, YouTube)
Facebook Instagram & YouTube Southern Vegan Eats, I also have a cookbook available on Amazon :

Southern Vegan Eats Homemade Recipes

Thank you so much for stopping by! Be sure to go follow along Aszure’s journey! Until next time, Stay Fabulous!

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