Many wonder why I abstain from eating eggs when I does not cause any harm to the chicken. That could not be further from the truth! Breeding any sentient being into this world just to exploit them for what their bodies make is unjustifiable. From the moment that the chicks hatch in a hatchery it is pure hell. The male chicks are of no use to the egg industry so they are culled or suffocated. The females then have their beaks cut off with a hot blade within hours or days after hatching.

The hens are then put into cramped cages where they can’t even spread their wings. When there are labels that suggest the the hens are cage free that means that they are able to spread their wings but are still confined to small spaces without ever seeing the light of day.  They spend about two years of their lives like this and when they can’t produce as many eggs as they used to, they are sent to slaughter.

For more information about egg laying hens check out these videos:

Egg Industry

Mercy For Animals

What’s wrong with eggs?




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